If you are worried about bathroom facilities for your upcoming holiday party, there are some ways to add this guest convenience—without remodeling your home! Cut the line at your bathroom during your celebration by providing guests with another facility to use; consider the following portable toilet suggestions:

Call a portable toilet rental company. Before you rule out the idea that a portable toilet might be just what you need for your big holiday party, know that there are many styles to pick from and not all look like a portable toilet that you might see at a construction site. Consider how one of these could be positioned near your house, on your patio, or in your yard to help provide an additional facility for guests to use during your event.

Figure out where to put it. When it comes to the convenience of a portable toilet, placement is everything. You will want to keep it convenient, yet discreet, and near the activities—but not so that it invades anyone’s privacy. Talk with the rental companies about the logistics of placing these fixtures before you plan for delivery to your home or site.

Make it more comfortable. Protect your guests that need to use the facilities by sheltering your portable toilet with a tent, cover, or awning. This will keep guests dry in the event of foul weather and can make the entrance of your facility seem a bit warmer. If you want it to be heated near and around your toilet, talk to the rental company about heating elements and warming units that may work and make the space more inviting on cold days.

Consider some indoor options. If the thought of guests using an outdoor toilet is a turn-off, talk with portable toilet rental companies about placing a unit in the garage. You will need a designated space that is accessible for the delivery and set-up of the toilet.

Keep the area fresh and welcoming. Create a comfort area for your guests with a mirror, hygiene products, and fresh towels or linen inside the portable toilet. This may involve bringing a stand or small table from your home to use for these items in or near the toilet. Guests will appreciate this simple effort.

Most guests won’t mind using an outdoor portable toilet if it is clean and easy to find. Use these tips to make your guests as comfortable as possible at your next function or party by providing them with an alternative bathroom to use. This will cut down on the lines at your own bathroom and keep them in the partying mood! 

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