There are many aspects to planning an outdoor wedding, and one of the things you have to prepare for is providing essential amenities to your guests. That’s why we are covering the top ten benefits of using a portable toilet at your wedding and having the ceremony of your dreams.

Venue Freedom

The absolute best reason to opt in for a portable toilet for your outdoor wedding is that they offer complete freedom. You don’t have to worry about where you want to get married when you can have a portable toilet, or luxury restroom trailer delivered right to your unique location.

Venue freedom is one of the most rewarding aspects of planning your wedding, and you don’t have to settle on second best when considering your options.


If you are planning a remote wedding, then worrying about your guests is probably a top priority.

Portable toilets offer a broad range of guest conveniences including the standard one for smaller parties, or larger luxury restroom trailers for an added upscale experience.

Depending on what type of wedding you are having, combined with the number of people attending your event, portable toilets are a viable solution to your restroom needs.

 Personalize it

Portable toilets can also offer a bit of personal flare. Try adding a poem about your wedding day to the inside of the door. Decorate the outside of the with elements from your wedding.

For example, if you are having a barn wedding, line the portable toilet area with bails of hay. There are tons of ways to personalize your portable toilet to make it your own.


If you are looking for a bit more class, then consider a luxury restroom trailer. These modern marvels offer a broad range of benefits including multiple stalls, heated and cooled environments, blue-tooth stereo, full sinks and much more.

Luxury restroom trailers are also easy to place, making them ideal for a large venue that requires multiple restroom locations. 

Add a Theme

Weddings are meticulously planned and every aspect of your special day is important. So why not take advantage of making your portable toilet themed?

By decorating your exterior areas near the portable toilet, you can add your personal touch while still having a fully functional restroom. Do you have red roses decorating the guest eating tables? Then try adding red roses to the inside of the portable toilet. 

Compliments an Outdoor Wedding

If you and your family have agreed upon an outdoor wedding, then chances are they know how important nature is to you. That’s why using an outdoor restroom  makes sense.

By carefully placing your portable, with personal touches, they can bring an element of outdoors to your wedding that compliments your event.

Combined with the unlimited decoration options, you can easily incorporate your portable toilet into your wedding theme without worrying about your guest’s accommodations.

Numerous Units

Having multiple bathrooms is mandatory when entertaining guests and an outdoor wedding is no exception. By opting in for a portable toilet, you can plan multiple bathroom locations strategically placed throughout the venue.

Combined with using standard portable toilet, or luxury restroom trailers, this can give your friends and family easy access to the restroom without having to venture far off from the party.

Amenities to Choose From

Unlike standard restrooms, when you choose an outdoor wedding with portable toilets, you have more control on the types of amenities you want to provide to your guests.

If you want a pure experience, opt in for the standard portable toilet. Spread them around your venue with accents to lead the way or place them all in a designated area.

Luxury restroom trailers can offer you a bit more luxury when planning your wedding, giving your guests a comfortable space to do their business. Many of the luxury restroom trailers provide full climate control, perfect for weddings scheduled during hot or cold months.

Excellent Pricing

Weddings can be expensive, and one of the best parts of doing an outdoor wedding is to save on cost. That’s why a portable toilets are perfect for any budget. 

Combined with the ability to choose how many portable toilets you want on your wedding day, this gives the planner full control on the costs associated with a potty patrol. Why not save money on your restroom facilities and spend it on more important things like your dining experience?

Concierge Service

Many portable toilet companies offer on-site support to ensure that your guests are always taken care of. Understanding that when you are out in the country, having someone on hand can be invaluable, especially when it comes to a bathroom emergency.

Knowing that you are covered and that you have an individual at your disposal can give you the confidence you need not to worry about the bathroom and simply enjoy your wedding day.

Between standard portable toilets and luxury restroom trailers, there are so many portable restroom options for you and your guests on you wedding day. With so many innovations and options out there, you can have your big day take place almost anywhere. If you find your perfect venue and they mention you’ll have to provide your own restroom options, you will be prepared to make your guests as comfortable as possible.

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