Hosting an outdoor event and looking for something a little more upscale than your standard portable restroom? Each of our restroom trailers come equipped with A/C, music, flushing toilets and more!

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 Planning for your Portable Restroom Trailer Rental 

Where does the water and power come from?

All of our trailers require at least one dedicated standard outlet to operate. We provide the extension cord, and you supply the outlet. If you do not have power onsite, no problem. We can supply a super quiet generator with your portable restroom trailer rental at a small additional cost. We also need access to a standard garden hose water spigot. This would remain connected for the duration of the rental. If you do not have water within 100 feet, no worries. We can fill the on-board water tank which will provide ample water for your event. Please not that all of our trailers do not have this feature.

Where can I place my portable restroom trailer rental?

Safety and placement are serious concerns when choosing a location. You should choose a location where there is no rugged terrain or other obstacles that would make it difficult for anyone to get to or access the restroom. It is also not recommended that people should have too far to walk. With the above in mind, we need fairly level access so our delivery and supply trucks can get to the unit. We cannot deliver up steep hills or down into valleys where water will accumulate and may create a muddy mess.

Can I place my portable restroom trailer rental under a tent?

YES! However, we would need to know that in advance as we need to make sure the tent is tall enough to allow the trailer to fit underneath. The tent also needs to be high enough to allow sufficient ventilation. Some other options are to create a tented walkway to the trailer away from the main tent. Ask your event planner for details on how this can be done. Do not wait until the last minute as a covered walkway or trailer requires some advanced planning.

Do I need to be available to meet the delivery driver?

In most situations NO. We can usually determine location of the portable restroom trailer ahead of time during your site survey. Other options include using satellite maps over the phone when making your reservation.  If exact location is important to you, then we can have our driver call you when he is on the way so you can meet him onsite. Please note that drivers have many stops and cannot wait or delay other deliveries. Once the exact trailer location is determined and placed it cannot be moved without incurring additional charges.

TEAR DOWN/ Dismantling

 Disconnect the Electrical power supply.

Disconnect the City Fill water supply.

If you are not comfortable with doing so, please allow us to take care of this for you when we pick up the unit.