When most people think of portable toilets, they think of outdoor concerts and summer time. However, portable toilets are just as useful during the winter months. Outdoor events such as sledding, skiing, and ice-skating will require portable toilets for patrons’ use. Additionally, winter construction projects will often require portable toilets. Because of the cold weather, there are special precautions that need to be taken with portable toilets in the winter. Here are some tips that can help! 

Choose the Right Location

Porta potties should be easily accessible to everyone trying to use them. You should salt the area around the porta potty to prevent slipping accidents as well as the toilet from freezing to the ground. Be sure to keep portable toilets away from areas that will result in them getting plowed in, as they will be inaccessible and could be damaged.

Service Frequently

Portable toilets are much more likely to freeze during the winter. Frequent servicing, at least once per week, is essential to preventing this freezing. Frequent servicing is also a good idea for the general sanity of your portable toilets. In order to prevent freezing in keep your toilets clean, you should service them regularly.

Place in Sunny Spots

When it is not possible to place portable toilets indoors or in some sort of covering, you should place them in sunny spots. Sunny spots will help keep portable toilets warm and prevent them from freezing. The warmth from the sun can help keep portable toilets comfortable and functional during the colder months.

Shield From Strong Winds

The wintertime brings high winds. These winds can often lead to portable toilets tipping over, which has obvious unfortunate consequences. Place porta potties against a building, fence, wall, or other sturdy structure to prevent this falling from occurring. Shielding portable toilets from strong winds in the winter is essential to prevent damage and bad experiences for users.

Use Heaters

For a warm portable toilet, consider placing small portable heaters inside. Portable heaters will easily fit inside portable toilets. Heaters can make users’ experiences much more comfortable and enjoyable. Additionally, they can help prevent the toilets from freezing. Heaters are a great way to significantly improve the experience of portable toilet users during the winter months.