The coronavirus has postponed significant events across the globe, canceling everything from the Olympics to Broadway shows. But beyond the bigger headlines, it has also put the brakes on vacations and everyday celebrations, the kind that bring families and friends together for some of life’s special moments.

Just because you’re spending time at home doesn’t mean you can’t still commemorate. From celebrating proms, weddings and birthdays to still taking that “vacation,” all you need is just a little ingenuity and a lot of heart. Here are a few alternative ways to still make it a great time.

Baby gender reveal

The moment when you finally share the big pink or blue news can still happen. Make the event a virtual one and invite friends and family via FaceTime, Skype, Zoom or other online gateway and be creative. If you have ingredients on-hand for your favorite cake recipe, use food coloring to indicate the results before cutting it live for loved ones in a big reveal. Popping balloons or even coloring hard-boiled eggs pink and blue are other fun ways to announce. 

High school graduation

 Though there are a lot of ways school has changed since you were a student, the significance of high school graduation remains the same. Despite many schools being closed and graduations postponed, the special day can still go on. Ask friends and family of the graduate to send video congratulations, texts or messages of support. Have everyone at home dress for the big day, including cap and gown if possible, and take photos. Create or print a stand-in diploma, then watch an inspiring commencement speech on YouTube from people like Oprah Winfrey or Stephen Colbert. Finish it off by playing “Pomp and Circumstance,” available on Spotify and other music streaming sites. 

College commencement

 Many colleges, even the ones with the most school spirit, have had to postpone or cancel graduations. Missing college commencement can be especially difficult since students often come from different states and countries, making scheduling a new date a challenge. Many colleges are planning to host virtual graduations instead, including Harvard and Emerson. If yours isn’t one of them, host an online graduation celebration with friends and family and plan a rain-date party. 


 A rite of passage for many high school students, prom is a tough one to miss. Make it a special day by still wearing a suit or prom dress and doing makeup and hair, and then have family members take pictures for sharing on social media. Break out the holiday lights, decorate a designated room and make dinner from an easy freezer recipe. Finally, coordinate a time to have a virtual dance party with friends and classmates through FaceTime, Facebook or Zoom. 


 There are a lot of wedding planning stresses you can’t control, including having to cancel or postpone the big day. While the big wedding may be on hold, still celebrate on your planned date by looking at pictures or videos of the two of you, recalling your favorite firsts or special memories together. Get dressed up, throw yourselves a fancy dinner at home or whip up a vintage recipe from days gone by and use the time to make plans for the new date.