100 Person Party Pack



  • 2 Regular Units
  • 1 Handicap Unit
  • 1 Hand Wash Station

Helps add fragrance and assist in keeping urinal clean.

Total: $ ( days). Excludes any add-ons selected.
Pickup within days.

Let us put together an event package for you! Just tell how many people you will have attending, and the duration of the event. We will let you know how many regular units, handicap units, and hand wash stations you need.

Contact & Location

Pride the Portable Toilet Company LLC
2300 Archie Dr.
Benton Harbor, MI 49022, US

(269) 208-1484
[email protected]

Estimate Calculator

When planning an event that will require portable toilet rentals, it is extremely important to get the number of portable toilets needed right. Not having enough portable toilets can result in long lines and unsanitary conditions which negatively impacts your event in several ways.