You have meticulously chosen your site for your outdoor event.  You picked the tables, the chairs, maybe a tent.  What about the restrooms?  It may be the most important choice you have to make.  Face it, the wrong choice could ruin the event.

The rental of a portable restroom trailer is the solution for any outdoor event or a construction site where comfort and mobility are necessary. Rather than plastic porta potties, portable restroom trailers for rent offer features similar to your home bathroom. Interior climate controlled and pleasant; with private, attractive interiors.

Porta Potties may be the choice for many locations or uses but a portable restroom trailer cures most of the dreads of using a porta potty.  Move up from the caveman days of doing your restroom business in a hot summer or cold winter box.

The selection of portable restroom trailers for rent include luxury restroom trailers weddings and black tie events or large stationed bathroom trailers for construction sites or emergency response events.


INDUSTRIAL AND CONSTRUCTION SITES when mobility is important and durability is critical for the hard use and extreme sites.

BUSINESS REMODELS allow for the temporary replacement of the public restrooms for portable restrooms trailers for rent.

DISASTER RELIEF when the loss of  normal utilities and and emergency workers need to respond to disasters such as fires and floods.

SPECIAL EVENTS are a very typical use for the rental of a portable restroom trailer.  Events such as golf tournaments, sporting events, are common events for bathroom trailers.

BLACK TIE EVENTS include weddings in the category for using a portable restroom trailer.  The luxury portable restroom trailer for rent is the growing choice over porta- potties at these gatherings.

FESTIVALS such as state fairs and outdoor art galleries are welcomed locations for the portable restroom trailers rentals.


RUNNING WATER is a standard with a portable restroom trailer rental.  Available is electric water heaters which allow the guests to hand wash to leave the trailer feeling clean.

AIR CONDITIONING will surely make the experience comfortable.  Enjoy the cool on a hot summer do but don’t stay too long, there are other clients needing the services of the restroom trailer.

IMPRESS THE GUEST with a VIP restroom trailer.  Don’t let your wife see the decors of a luxury trailer or your will be remodeling your home restroom.  Elegant and modern decors.

MULTIPLE RESTROOM STALLS inside of a trailer can help with reducing the lines to use the restroom.  Because waiting in line is especially uncomfortable when you “got to go” the climate controlled a pleasant décor relaxes the experience.  Large entrance doors allow for uncrowded entrance to the trailer.

ON BOARD FRESH WATER for remote locations when city water or private hoses cannot easily provide the necessary water utilities with portable restroom trailers for rent.

HEATED ROOMS can be also offer the necessary comfort in cool and cold climates.  Electric heaters or gas forced air heaters are available.

FLUSHING TOILETS means odors and appearance can be controlled to reduce the smells and sights normally associated with an outdoor public restroom.  Perfect for a portable restroom trailers for rent.

If you are planning any of these events, please contact us for a list of available trailers and pricing. 

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