Portable Restroom Fun Facts

Portable Restroom Fun Facts
  • How many names do you think you can use for a portable restroom? There are many fun terms for Portable Restrooms such as: Porta-potty, Porta-john, Chemical Toilets, Honey bucket, WC, Porta-let, Portable Loos, Johnny-on-the-spot, Royal Throne, Jon, Mobile Toilet, Plastic Toilet, & etc.
  • When using a portable Toilet at an event… It is said that the first toilet in the row is the cleanest. The reason is that everybody thinks anyone else is going to use the first toilet they come to, so they go further in line. Be smarter and use the first toilet you see!
  • Toilet paper was not always a common utility. It became widely available in the late 1400’s, and the actual mass manufacturing of paper toilet as we know it today only started in the late 1800’s.
  • There is still a big debate regarding the toilet paper flap: over or under, this is the question…
  • Portable Toilets at a marathon or a race are typically the dirtiest used toilets because the runners don’t take time to aim or clean up after themselves as they are hurrying to the finish line!
  • There are specialist researchers who analyse the use and placement of portable Toilets during races and marathons, in order to better advise the organizers and create the best arrangements possible.

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When planning an event that will require portable toilet rentals, it is extremely important to get the number of portable toilets needed right. Not having enough portable toilets can result in long lines and unsanitary conditions which negatively impacts your event in several ways.