Despite the progress in research and product development, stubborn misconceptions about portable toilets remain in the American mind. 

The following are some of the most widely held wrong ideas about the modern portable restroom. 

1) All Portable Toilets Are Unsightly

The sea of standard blue portable toilet boxes that are always visible at concerts, county fairs, and larger casual events are certainly not objects of beauty to behold. Still, it is myth to assume that these are the only options available for they are not. (See Number 4.)

2) A Toilet Seat Has More Germs Than An Office Keyboard

This couldn’t be further from the truth. Office keyboards often harbor more germs than a portable toilet seat. This not to say that toilet seats cannot be infested with bacteria because they can be, but other bathroom areas are more likely to harbor dangerous pathogens. These include: sinks, door handles, and toilet paper dispensers. This fact had to be tempered with another; namely that portable toilets are extensively cleaned on a regular basis. This is not to say that users should not properly wash and sanitize both hands and keyboards.

3) All Portable Toilets Smell

Unfortunately, this misconception is often true. When you consider that a porta potty, no matter how pretty, is only a toilet seat placed over a waste tanks, how could this be at all surprising? The myth in this instance concerns the idea that nothing can be done about the smell. Designating a new spot for the location of the waste tank in the overall design of a portable restroom can work much better to mask foul odors. 

4) Portable Toilets Are Unsuitable For Classy Events

This misconception stems from the fact that many of the portable toilets that are used for large outdoor events are difficult to keep clean due to an overload of traffic and the careless disregard of hundreds of users. There are modern luxury portable bathrooms that can offer and even match any amenities that one would expect to see in any luxury bathroom. These include but are not limited to: stereo systems, hot and cold running water; climate-controlled interiors; air conditioning, and marbled walls.

There are are portable toilets that have enormous interiors that can accommodate wheelchairs and  double strollers. There are also units that are of standard variety but a few elitist notches above. These often feature options such as: a foot pump-activated flushing toilet; fresh water sink; hand soap and paper towels. Some also provide a coat hook, small shelf and mirror.

Portable Toilets Are Unsuitable For Classy Events

5) Porta-Potty Users Cannot Wash Hands

It is true that some portable toilets feature sinks to wash your hands, but many do not. This does not mean, however, that you cannot clean your hands before leaving a portable toilet. If there is no specific hand washing station, there will always be a hand-sanitizer dispenser mounted somewhere on the inside walls .At larger events, such as weddings, hand-washing areas are often set up alongside the portable units.

6) Portable Toilets Are Just For Construction Sites

Many people still believe that the use of portable toilets is reserved for construction sites. This couldn’t be further from the truth, as any type of outdoor event can benefit from the availability of portable restrooms.These facilities are very convenient for working contractors who may not have easy access to conventional bathrooms.

Portable Toilets Are Just For Construction Sites

7) Portable Toilets Are Bad For The Environment

This misconception was at one time true when formaldehyde was employed as the major odor deterrent. Improvements in cleaning products and sanitizing methods have dramatically reduced any negative impact chemicals might have on the environment. This is so much so the case that in all likelihood, a home bathroom may well be more harmful to the environment than the portable toilet. In addition to greener and healthier products, portable toilets also use much less fresh water (about 13 million gallons a day) than their conventional cousins.

8) Portable Bathrooms Are Too Expensive

There is a cost involved in renting portable toilets as there is for all things in life, but the price of renting them for larger events in the long run is more cost-effective because ultimately users will spend less time in long lines waiting to use the restroom. Studies have indicated that this feature alone, especially at outdoor concerts and fairs, frees up more time for shopping at concessions and buying souvenirs etc.

9) Only One Porta-Potty is Needed For Most Occasions

This misconception is totally false. One important rule of thumb to remember when planning an event is that the number of portable toilets, like lifeboats on a ship, should always coincide with the total number of people that may be using them. It is always better to overestimate the amount needed than to not have enough. An example would be at least four units per every hundred people attending a specific event.

10) Portable Restrooms Will Be An Eyesore At A Fancy Event

Portable restroom trailers conceal the stereotypical look of a portable restroom and provide many amenities such as: stainless steel sinks; faux hardwood flooring; air conditioning; heating, and even AM/FM stereos are often the choice for outdoor events. These trailers also feature multiple stalls, and can easily accommodate numerous guests.

Portable Restrooms Will Be An Eyesore At A Fancy Event
Portable Restrooms Will Be An Eyesore At A Fancy Event
Portable Restrooms Will Be An Eyesore At A Fancy Event