A newer event that has become very popular is a polar bear plunge. This event is usually done in order to raise funds for a charitable organization. Participants will jump into a very frigid body of water in the dead of winter. This event will bring a lot of spectators and in some circumstances, there will be some additional entertainment afterward or during the event. This can be a joyful event for participants and spectators! Planners of this event should definitely consider the need for portable restrooms at these kinds of outdoor events. Remember to place the portable restroom in a location where there may be sunlight to keep your guests warm and to avoid freezing.


The Holiday season is a time for the community to gather and celebrate various events. Despite the now frigid temperatures most of these events are held outdoors. Organizers of an event should take into consideration where these portable restrooms will be placed. To make sure that your event goes as smoothly as possible strategically place portable restrooms around the perimeter of the event so guests can easily access them and quickly return to the event activities. If there are food and beverages served at your event hygiene now becomes very important. Consider adding a portable sink so patrons can wash hands before and after eating.

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