There are many different components that make up the magic of Halloween. Being able to dress up as whoever or whatever you want for the day, infinite amounts of candy and fun Halloween activities such as trick-or-treating, haunted houses and hay barrel rides. Although this is a magical day, there are also some ghouls and monsters that cause mischief. To help ensure everybody has a safe holiday, keep these Halloween safety tips in mind.

Costume Safety

Before celebrating Halloween, make sure to properly hem your costume so you don’t trip and fall from your cape or twill skirt and try choosing costumes with brighter colors and flame-retardant materials. For young kids, avoid using masks that may block their vision. When it comes to decorating your face, try alternative non-toxic or hypoallergenic makeup instead.

Plan Out a Safe Trick-or-Treating Route

Whether you live in a development or travel to a large trick-or-treating area, make sure to plan out your route beforehand. Only take the paths that you and your children are familiar with; taking the trail less known can lead to spending hours trying to figure out how to get back. Also, try to stay in well-lit areas if you can. If not, carry a flashlight with new batteries after dark.

Check All Candy Before Consuming

When taking the little ones out to go trick-or-treating, check their bags before allowing them to eat any candy. Tell your children to not accept or eat anything that isn’t commercially wrapped. Also, look out for anything that looks to be opened or tampered with and throw it away immediately.

Carve Your Pumpkins Safely

Carving pumpkins is a Halloween tradition. However, carving pumpkins can be dangerous for younger kids. A great alternative for kids is having them decorate their pumpkins with markers, glitter, paint or stickers. This will allow kids to have fun and leave the carving to an adult. Additionally, make sure to keep your candlelit pumpkin away from curtains or any flammable objects. You can substitute candles for battery-operated flameless candles to be extra cautious.