10 Things You are More Than Likely to Find in a Portable Toilet

10. Garbage – Because finding a garbage bin seems to be difficult for some people.

9. Cell Phones – People lose them everywhere, so why not?

8. Cameras – Don’t look at the photos unless you’re brave.

7. Wallets & Jewelry – You could try to find the owners of items and keep what’s unclaimed. Just make sure you clean it first.

6. Graffiti/Damage – It’s a truly infuriating aspect of working in the portable restroom rental business.

5. Clothing – Because getting a hotel room is too inconvenient and expensive for some people.

4. Fireworks – Porta-potties are frequent targets of pranksters and troublemakers.

3. Drugs/Paraphernalia – Don’t touch it! Call the authorities for removal.

2. Weapons – Again, don’t touch it! Call the authorities for removal.

1. Sleeping/Passed Out People – Sometimes, people look for the closest place of seclusion when they have a rough night.

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