Pride Portable Toilet Service, How we protect the environment in southwest Michigan
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The portable toilet industry helps the environment in several ways:

  • Over 145 million gallons of water are saved every day due to the portable toilet industry, That's over 52 billion gallons of clean fresh water a year!
  • Although we have to drive large trucks to perform our work, the industry still saves an enormous amount of fuel from being burnt by eliminating the need for guests, farm workers, and construction workers to have to drive to a restroom.
  • Most units today are made with some recycled plastics.  When a unit reaches the end of its life cycle the majority of it is recyclable.
  • All waste collecting from our units and septic clean outs is disposed of through municipal waste water treatment plants.
  • Routine inspections and maintenance of  septic systems keeps them in proper order, preventing contamination of the soil and groundwater.
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